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With experience in programming and flair for 3D geometry for a position where you will work as a kind of programmer, operator, designer and problem solver at the same time

You are part of a team of dedicated engineers who develop and design equipment for glass molding and help push the boundaries of what is possible with the optical and mechanical glass components for the mobile phone industry.

You will have the opportunity to run processes and further develop the company's newly acquired state-of-the-art robot polishing equipment, which will be used to adjust the molds that are at the core of many of the development tasks that the company deals with.

Based on your knowledge in mathematical calculations, programming and processing - roughness, shape and process times are optimized. You help to detect and test new relevant polishing technologies that can optimize current production and push the boundaries of which products can be mass-produced.

You will be part of a smaller team of specialized engineers and production people. You are expected to be self-help, but will of course on a daily basis have a good opportunity to spar with your skilled colleagues, who also have other areas of responsibility in the development process.

Du tilbydes:
You will work in an innovative environment with very skilled colleagues. At the same time, you will get a very versatile and challenging job with good professional and personal development opportunities.

You get a salary that matches your qualifications.

You are a careful and structured person who is very self-motivated and works systematically and persistently until you achieve the optimal solution. You are analytical, but at the same time also very practical, as you will have to build different setups and continuously modify the solutions.

When the company invests in brand new equipment, you are the type who takes pride in making it work quickly and sees it as a challenge to identify opportunities for equipment improvements and adjustments / replacement of components in order to invent brand new products. Through planning and performing systematic experiments followed by in-depth characterization, you manage to keep track and create results.

You are flexible and ready for change and can therefore live with the fact that you can be asked to change focus on an ongoing basis, even if you have not chosen the priority yourself. In addition, you are good at both working as part of a team and working very independently with difficult professional issues without losing the spirit, motivation and attention to the goal.

Experimental and / or practical experience from a similar position in the following is an advantage:

- Technical programming in Matlab
- Data analysis
- Advanced measurement systems as well as micro- and nanocaracterization (eg optical microscopy, profilometry and roughness analyzes).
- Robot polishing or possibly conventional polishing
- Programming (preferably CNC)
Optics or manufacture of optical components
- Metalworking

You thrive in an international environment with contact to many national and international subcontractors.

You have an educational background as an applied mathematician, engineer or physicist with special strengths in mathematics, geometry and technical programming - preferably with a PhD.

Sprogkunder / EDB:
You master English in writing and speaking and are an experienced user of IT.

Kaleido Technology ApS is an exciting development company with a uniquely composed staff, consisting of a team of dedicated development engineers, and a team of highly specialized production staff for the manufacture of high-precision casting tools.

The company, which is Chinese-owned, is the Chinese parent company's R & D center focusing on the development of new optical manufacturing technologies and products. The company's main tasks include the development and manufacture of ultra-precise molds for glass casting as well as the development of equipment and processes for forming camera lenses and advanced optical and mechanical glass components for a high-end mobile phone market in rapid growth.

The company is located north of Copenhagen in Farum, currently has 100 employees and wants to expand with new skilled employees.

If you have any questions about the position, you are welcome to contact Profilpartners on tel .: 43434060.


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Engineer, physicist or applied mathematician for robot polishing / 195921


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